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Shakoy / Bicho-Bicho/ Filipino Doughnuts

Ok. First post :D

lol. I've been looking for a recipe from my childhood for.. forever.
And, with all my extra time now that it's spring break... I FOUND IT!

Luckily, my parents and grandparents taught me to speak bisaya, so I was able to understand this recipe. that i got from Inday's Kitchen : Kuzina ni Inday

I'll translate for those that don't understand bisaya. (forgive me if i have errors in translation, but i think it'll be right.)

I haven't tried the recipe myself (I'm going to make some for breakfast after this post :P) , so I guess mess around with the measurements to fit your taste.


SHAKOY - Procedure - Pareha ang pagmasa sa siopao ma-o ra ang gamiton
Harina, yeast, asin gamay, sugar, oil, tubig,

1 kl first class flour harina ( Gwynne's Note: I think it may be 1 Kg? correct me if i'm wrong)
1 table spoon – usa ka cotsara yeast patobo
½ usa ka kotsarita asin
5 ka tasa tubig
½ katasa oil
¼ kls. White sugar


Procedure: Same ingredients as with making siopao: Flour, yeast, a little salt, sugar, and water.

(this was from the blog and there was a recipe for siopao before this, look it up. I copied and pasted the measurements here.)

1 kl(kg?) (2.2 lbs or 8 4/5 cup flour (has to be kg.. kl to cups is like 4000+ cups)
(i think that's too much..I tried to convert units (here in the US we don't really use metric units for cooking... let's try 2 cups more or less?)
1 tablespoon yeast
½ tsp salt
5 cups of water (again, i'm going to play around with this.)
½ cup oil
¼ kls.(kg?) (about 1/2 cup) White sugar

kotawon sa tubig, ang pa-agi sa drawing a roll nimo pareha sa tudlo sa kamot ang kadako. Sama ini pag porma..( it’s in the attached file..)

Mix ingredients with water, then roll it about as thick as a finger. and form into twists/rings/etc.

(Gwynne's Note: BEFORE FRYING I believe after adding the yeast, you should set the shakoy on baking sheets, cover with cloth, and put it into the oven for an hour to rise.

before palutawon ang shakoy sa oil, ibutang ang shakoy sa isa ka baking sheet o container ug i-hapin nimo ug cloth/nuog. isulog sa oven ng isa ka oras para mo-rise ang dough )

- PREPARATION - calaha may oil ibutang sa stove initon pag-ayo og ilunod tagsa tagsa taman mapula ang shakoy palutaw sa oil pagluto human ha-onon butangan sa asucar ang shakoy.

-PREPARATION- fill a pan with oil and and heat well over a stove. sink the shakoy one by one and let it float in the oil till it turns golden brown. Remove from stove, drain, then sprinkle with sugar.

PINISI SHAKOY - pareha ra ang timplada sa pagmasa sa harina pero adunay lay usa ka kosareta carbonate powder isagol sa pag mix sa tubig para pagahesa pinisi. Hasta pagluto palutawon sa oil. Human pagha-on ang kalaha hogasan limpiohan walay oil ibalik sa pag tak-ang sa stove ang kalaha butangan og tubig osa ka baso pabukalon ug ilunod ang sugar 5 ka kutsara og sigi-han og kotaw hangtud mobucal og bula ang asucar dayon ilunod and pinisi okayon dayon para ma mix ang asukar mopilit sa pinisi ug ha-onon.

Same ingrdients and procedure as stated above, but add 1 tsp of carbonate powder (I think this is referring to baking soda?) Let the shakoy float in oil. After you take the shakoy out, clean the pan and return the pan to the stove. Add one cup of water and bring to a boil, mixing in 5 tablespoons of sugar, and stir until the sugar bubbles. Immediately add the shakoy and coat with the sugar mixture and remove.

**Note: BEFORE FRYING I believe after adding the yeast, you should set the shakoy on baking sheets, cover with cloth, and put it into the oven for an hour to rise.

I found another recipe for Bicho-Bicho, which is pretty much shakoy, too
This post I found on a Wordpress blog I believe. (I saved this onto a Word document, so I'm sorry I couldn't find the link, but I'll post it if I find it again)

1. Put in a mixing bowl:
1 C lukewarm water
1 T active dry yeast
1 tsp salt
2 C bread flour

2. Beat thoroughly. Cover and let rise for ½ hour. Add:
¼ C melted butter or grape seed oil
1 C light brown sugar
2 well beaten eggs
1½ C bread flour

3. Beat well. Cover and let rise again until dough is light, about 1 hour. Punch down.

4. Add more flour if dough is too soft to handle. Turn out into a well-floured surface. Divide the dough into 2 parts. Cover each and let rest for 10 minutes.

5. Roll dough to ½-inch thickness and cut into 6 x 1-inch strips. Set on baking sheets, cover and let rise for 1 hour.

6. Fry in hot oil until golden brown, roll in granulated sugar. Enjoy!

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